Friday, December 31, 2010

Seitokai no Ichizon DVD fansubbed? NO WAY!


Thanks to ar over at Unlimited Translation Works, there is now a decent fansubbed DVD version of  one of my all-time favourite series. Not that there was anything wrong with the old SS-Eclipse subbed release, it's just that it was based on the broadcast version. Ar, going by the handle "HarEM", did this as a side project "With help from a lot of others along the way". The results show, and are totally worth rewatching. (more)

One of the great things about Seikon (a trait it shares with Lucky*Star) is watching for the innumerable shout-outs and references -- in the first episode alone, we get at least two references to Haruhi, two to Dragonball Z ("Evolution" "Don't mention that one!"), several to other Studio DEEN works, and at least one to Lucky*Star itself (the title card and background talk while it is up). Then there are the H-game and eroge references, which go on, and on, and on...

More than that, though, the series is touching in a way that many other comedy harem shows fail to achieve. The protagonist, Ken Sugisaki, is an imperfect character and we find out about his past and how he came to be where he is as VP of the student council.

Now all we need are English translations of the original light novels...

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